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Property description

Beautiful and comfortable B&B with a living room and private bathroom situated directly at the Vondelpark.

This wonderful Bed & Breakfast is located in a quiet residential area of Amsterdam. A few steps away from the Vondelpark, one of the oldest parks in the city. Just a 10-minute walk to downtown Amsterdam, it is close to the major tourist attractions, including museums, concert buildings, and shopping areas.
The building exists from 1898; it combines restored details from the past with modern design.
This B&B is rather a suite, unique in style and comfort, occupies a private floor with a bedroom, bathroom and living room with all the modern facilities. Briefly, you will you’re your own private apartment. In the living room you will find a cosy lounge area with a flat screen TV, computer with internet access and a sleeping couch for 2 pers. There next you will find the bedroom with a double bed and a closet. Next to the bedroom is the bathroom situated. This latter one has a bubble bath, shower and toilet. The interior of the B&B consists of classic furniture. The emphasis is on relaxed living.

2 Bedrooms

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Area activities

Centrally located in residential Amsterdam close to major tourist attractions. At your doorsteps you will find the famous Vondelpark. The B&B is situated in a quiet side street along the Overtoom; this street is connecting the highway with the centre of Amsterdam. It offers many restaurants, shops, supermarkets, car and bike rental services and is in walking distance to downtown. The Leidseplein can be found within 10 walking distance.


Property Type:B&B room(family)
Accommodation Type:Self Catering
Living room1
Swimming PoolNo
Capacity2 adults / 2 children
Prices From€175

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