Reservation and deposit 

Your booking is confirmed once you have received our confirmation in the form of an invoice. Before the reservation is guaranteed though you must first make an initial payment of the total amount. The amount is 40% of the total price of the booking. The booking will not be guaranteed until payment is made and you have received a confirmation from us by email. Once the payment is received, the days and lodging will be booked for you.

The transaction by credit card will be done in the secure environment of our payment system or internet banking through your own bank. Please bear in mind that you also have to bring a deposit with you on your arrival, only applicable for booking of apartments. The deposit will be returned to you if there is no damage caused to the apartment.   

Cancellation or modification

The cancellation costs will depend on the period of notice before the arrival:

  • In case of cancellation the 40% down payment is non-refundable. 
  • Notice less than 30 days prior to arrival: 70% of the total amount.
  • Notice less than 21 days prior to arrival: 100% of the total amount.

Any change of your reservation after the reservation has been confirmed, is seen as a de facto cancellation. If you want to change from apartment, hotel or bed and breakfast you will need to make a new reservation. The Terms of Conditions of Amstel Lodging will apply.
By changing the number of people to less people you will need to pay the same amount in accordance with the original reservation. For each additional person, you need to pay extra on arrival.
By changing the number of nights: for fewer nights, you pay the same amount as for the original reservation and for more nights you pay extra on arrival, if the lodging is available. By not paying the required amount within the time period as set your reservation will be automatically cancelled and you will be held responsible for the entire amount and all other costs which occur. Cancellations and changes should be reported via email. Cancellation or changes by telephone will not be processed. 

We encourage our customers to purchase a travel cancellation insurance.

On Arrival

You will get the confirmation by email. Your confirmation includes all data related to the check-in. Print the e-mail and take it with you.
Should you, at the time of booking still have no information about your estimated time of arrival, and then please inform us about this no later than 48 hours prior to arrival. In this way, the people of the check-in can be present on your time of arrival.

During your stay

We expect from you that you take good care of the lodging and its facilities. Some specific rules and regulations of the facility and its surroundings must at all times be respected. It is also expected from you that you are in good harmony with the neighbours staying in the accommodation.
If any damage caused or defects occur at the apartment, hotel or bed and breakfast, or its equipment, then you must contact the owner of the apartment, hotel or bed and breakfast directly about this issue. You are responsible for the unreported damage or defects, which has been caused to the lodging or the establishment of them during your stay. Complaints about defects after your stay will under no circumstances be financially compensated.

Your temporary neighbors

We ask you to respect your neighbors. This means no noise after 22:00 hours. The person who makes the reservation is responsible for the behavior of all guests who stay in the apartment, hotel or bed and breakfast. Should one of the guests behave in a non-responsible and/or non-respectful way, then the owner has the right to oblige this person and other guests to leave the apartment, hotel or bed and breakfast, with no right to any form of compensation.


In addition to the cleaning costs that you should pay separately, only applicable for apartments, you need to give back the accommodation in a clean state. Including the cleaning of the kitchen equipment. If the accommodation is not given back in a reasonable state, then the owner has the right to extra cleaning costs. If the kitchen is not cleaned as required we have the right to charge an extra € 50,-

Number of Guests

The client will notify Amstel Lodging about the number of people with regard to the reservation. If you will be with a different number of people in the apartment, hotel or bed and breakfast, you need to make a reservation for the highest number of people. If you want to book 4 nights, but you will stay 2 nights with 4 people and 2 nights with 3 people, you need to book all nights for 4 people.
The number of guests that reside in the apartment, hotel or bed and breakfast may not be more than is indicated in the booking, unless otherwise agreed with Amstel Lodging.
Pets are not allowed unless agreed otherwise. In the event of violation of one of the above rules, the owner will have the right to require you to leave the apartment, hotel or bed and breakfast. In addition, you will lose any right to any compensation.

Force Majeure

Before arrival: when Amstel Lodging by force majeure can not provide you with the accommodation, Amstel Lodging will do its utmost best to provide you with an adequate alternative of equal quality. When in the event of that no agreement can be reached, Amstel Lodging will return the already paid amount. Amstel Lodging can then no longer be held liable.


Amstel Lodging and/or owner of the apartment, hotel or bed and breakfast can not be held liable for any direct or indirect damage as a result of the use of the accommodation, such as (but not exclusively) limitation, damages, insurance, losses due to fire and criminal activities. All this without any restriction.


In the event of any kind of process arising from the reservation of Amstel Lodging accommodations, the Dutch Court will be the sole jurisdiction. The Dutch law will apply at any time.


Amstel Lodging offers online its service to the use of apartment, hotel or bed and breakfast from private owners. Amstel Lodging is not responsible for any delays, accidents, loss, change in times, damage (not for individuals and not for materials), and the services of third parties. Amstel Lodging and its employees are therefore not responsible for errors and limitations; Description and presentations by third parties; Personal damage or injuries during the stay; dispute between customers and third parties; content of external links on our website.
The service van Amstel Lodging is limited to showing the accommodations and communication in this regard, with respect to making a reservation, until the reception of the guests. The responsibility of Amstel Lodging is limited to the confirmation of the reservation and its management.
In addition, Amstel Lodging is not part of the rental agreement; Complaints during your stay need to be reported to the owner.

Our website

All descriptions and information regarding the accommodation has been provided by the owner. While Amstel Lodging does its very best to the accuracy of the description to ensure and where possible, to verify all the details, Amstel Lodging can never be held responsible for any errors or omissions in the listed details.
Amstel Lodging reserves its right at any time to change information on its web site, including rates, descriptions and photographs.
Amstel Lodging does not guarantee accurate representation of the state or suitability of any product or service advertised on its website.
Amstel Lodging reserves the right at any time to change its general conditions, if required, or if this is necessary in relation to the sector in which it operates. It is the responsibility of all parties, using the site, to ensure that they regularly review the terms and conditions. By agreeing to the use of this site implies that any such change will be accepted by any third party and that any third party undertakes action to comply with any such change(s).
These conditions do not affect the statutory rights of consumers.